A lil’ bit more

It took me 30+ years to seriously realise, recognise and settle down into my groove in life…good food,  particularly flavorful cakes and desserts..but am happy I finally did, I have found my true vocation. It makes me so happy to see flavorful food being displayed in an inviting fashion, to be fed to people you love and care about.

I am Christian ‘coz I know the Bible to work for me 100%. It is my life manual, has always stood with me and by me and guides me through life. It helps keep the grandeur in simplicity, and the style and elegance in life going, all facets am crazy about. All my thoughts and writings are influenced and wrapped around it…’coz I know it to be fool proof, having an expected end.

Life has been exactly the way I want it and I believe that’s ‘coz I’ve tried to follow the manual and its directions. Any unexpected turn always had solutions-for me, there is  no problem without a solution in this tried and tested book…

I hope you will enjoy these musings, recipes and food talk as much as I enjoy writing them.


2 responses to “A lil’ bit more

  1. Priya

    February 11, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Hi sharon..dont know if you remember me..I am Ron and Rini’s cousin, Priya..have attended Para a couple of times when I visit them..was so happy to see your blog and all the recipes you have put up..Rini had mentioned many times that you do a lot of baking..I follow food blogs a lot and was so happy to see yours..Keep up the good work..I too love to bake and have been baking at home in Pune. Nikhil had a transfer to London and we have been here since December..Havent been very successful in baking here as we have a very old single door electric oven in which the displays have been scratched off and I have to guess the temperature..Have u made doughnuts..coud u suggest a good recipe for it..thanks..will follow ur blogs from now on..Cheeers!!

    • Flavor Rules

      February 11, 2013 at 1:53 pm

      Hi Priya,thanks for the wishes.

      Of course,I do remember you…and Nikhil too, smile..

      If you are having trouble with the oven and temp settings, would suggest you get an oven thermometer, it shd tell you the temp of the Oven.

      I will send you the Donut recipe on mail, it was initially on the Godiva site, but I can’t find it there anymore..

      All the best on your cooking/baking ventures,


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