Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche

24 Jul

“Chef, what are your trade secrets?

Almost everyone asks me the same question over and over again since the time I began my foray into the kitchen.

My response? I have NONE ! Wala, aucun, keine, ninguno, mafi!

… You will be amazed the answers to your culinary challenges may just be in YouTube! If you have the proper technique, understanding,  and skills, then the key to unlocking those “secrets” is in  your hands.”   – CHEF NOUEL

Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche

Have always enjoyed Chef Nouel Omamalin’s recipes from his blog, The Nifty Chef

Have tried his Gingerbread house and cookies, the Parisian Macarons ( for a first try, it gave super results. If only i “macaronaged” a bit more, I could’ve achieved perfectly  flat tops and developed those  distinct feet),  his Decadent Chocolate Cake. They are all very good recipes . Do hop over to take a look., (

Gingerbread house

Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche

So, was totally elated, to receive a copy of his first baking book, Nouel’s Nifty Chic Baking: Original ideas to impress, in the mail one day.

Love the combination of the simple and the sublime in his book, and the creative and chic way he dresses up his pastry creations.

It is simple and straightforward, and the element to excite is prevalent in each of the  recipes.  I feel, it is a book to challenge the home baker to aspire higher and also has innovative ideas for the pastry chef.

Browsing through the book, had to stop right at the Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche on pg # 37. I had to bake it , it looked super cute and sophisticated at the same time…Those bite size buns with their charcoal black tops and the dark red horizontal brush strokes on the sides (inspired by the red colours of Autumn n Kyoto, Japan) were indeed irresistible.

Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche

But I was apprehensive about the Sesame streusel crust, it lend the bread  a chic  look, but how would it taste?

My acid test is to always serve it at Potluck. The food gets sampled by a considerable number of people and if sixty percent of them like it, it’s a keeper !

This, was a total delight, and people never have enough of it.

The crust is really the star and it pairs  very  well with the bread ( as it is, it’s a Brioche, how more decadent can you get? )

Here is the recipe, you’ll  develop a fondness for these lil guys, just looking at them, smile…

Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche, by Chef Nouel Omamalin,  reprinted with permission.



470 gms flour

25 gms sugar,  caster

8 gms salt, fine

10 gms, yeast , instant

100 gms egg yolks, room temperature

100 gms Lemon peel, candied

60 gms butter,  unsalted, softened

Black Sesame Streusel Crust

90 gms butter, unsalted,  softened

110 gms brown sugar, light, fine

1 gm salt, fine

90 gms flour

40 gms black Sesame seeds, finely ground

10 gms black Sesame oil

Optional: 6 drops black food colour paste

Kyoto Black Sesame and candied lemon Brioche
Procedure :

Straight dough method:

Place all dry ingredients in the mixing bowl.  Mix briefly with the paddle attachment of your mixer.

Add in the rest of the ingredients except the lemon peel and butter.

Using the dough hook attachment of your mixer, mix the dough on slow speed until gluten formation begins. The dough will start clinging onto the dough hook.

Gradually add in the butter in three additions and continue mixing until dough is fully developed.

Add in the candied lemon peel.

Allow to rise in a lightly floured or lightly greased bowl, covered, until double in bulk.

While waiting for the dough to rise, prepare the Streusel crust. You can prepare this well in advance and keep it frozen until ready for use.

Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and with the paddle attachment, blend at slow speed until a uniform paste is formed.

Spread onto a baking paper ( at least 60 cm × 40 cm) or silicon mat. With a rolling pin,  roll into a thickness of 0.25 cm.

Place in the freezer until fully set.

When the dough is ready,  degas and allow to rest for about 10 minutes before scaling.

Divide the dough into 16 equal pieces. Shape into rolls and pan.

Allow the dough to rise for 30 minutes and gently brush the top with milk.

Cut the Streusel crust into squares of 5 cm.

Place on top of the rolls without pressing. It will slowly soften and stick onto the roll’s surface.

When the rolls are double in size, bake in a  180° C preheated oven.

While the rolls are baking,  prepare the finishing touches by mixing  a few drops of red food colour paste or powder with some milk.

As soon as the breads come out of the oven, immediately create decorative red lines around the rolls to complete the look.

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