Sweet Orange Marmalade

14 Jun

At one time, I shied away from cooking with fruit. Its already so colorful and flavorful, what could I do to improve on it? But what convinced me to set aside my reservations was when I realized that cooking intensifies the flavor. Now I know that I’m not interfering with pure flavors. Instead, I’m distilling their essence – Flo Braker.

I remember when I started my furor in the blogosphere-The first blog I ever read was Good Eats n Sweet Treats – was so enamored by Jaime’s Toffee-Topped Pineapple Upside-Down Cake … was so intrigued by it… slowly a LOT of other blogs followed… I particularly loved Zoes’ blog. Did my first Buttercream from there. Those step-by-step pictures gave me such confidence. Then I got to Tartelette..the photography was on another level…

Orange Marmalade Jam

Recently, I visited Good Eats n Sweet Treats again and something else got my attention..The Orange Marmalade, It looked amazing, those tiny Orange segments and zest glistening, like little jewels. The yield was less though, and so I ransacked the net to get a recipe that yielded more. Found one exactly what I wanted, in Diana’s Desserts, which totally fit my bill.

Orange Marmalade Jam

The Baking Soda really softens the Orange peels. Also it doesn’t have much of a bitter overtones as the regular English Orange Marmalade. Tastes great with toast or even as a topping for Vanilla Ice cream. I spruced it up a bit by adding a drop or two of Orange Oil and some Orange color. Have used both Seville Oranges and the regular Oranges and found that both work fine.

Orange Marmalade Jam

You can find the recipe here – Orange Marmalade (Diana Desserts)

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