Gulab Jamuns

19 Dec

‘Don’t always look for perfection, focus on the details.’ – Frederic Deshayes, Chief Chef Instructor, Sunrise Global Chef Academy.

“Tuesdays are Holidays,” my lil thing wailed one morning “From when??” I asked – “Check out the newspapers,” she said, “I hate going to school” Had to smile at that. The journey has just begun, princess, I wanted to say – and heaved a sigh of relief my school days were over.

Gulab Jamuns

Neways, bribed her into going (don’t plan to make this a habit though) by promising fresh cold Gulab Jamuns on her returning back – (esp. after I got a detailed recipe from Chef Shiyam Sunder, of Foodnflavors. Vijitha from Spices and Aroma, had made a mention of  Chef Shiyam’s  new website in her blog and you know the blog trail… one thing led to another. Was particularly intrigued by the recipe ‘coz it was detailed, giving info into the little things that makes such a big difference to the final product, helping you deliver accurately. Do hop over to Chef Shyam’s Gulab Jamuns, you can almost feel and sense the texture from the pix. A perfect Jamun.

Here’s the recipe (Reprinted wth permission): Gulab Jamun

Serving: 20-30

Preparation Time: 2:00


For the Gluab Jamun Dough

Milk powder- 250gm

Ghee- 75gm

Ice cold water- 120ml

Soda bi carbonate- 5gm

All purpose flour/Maida- 130g

Sugar Syrup

Sugar- 1 kg

Water- 700ml

Cardamom powder- 10g

Rose water- 10ml


Sunflower oil- 2 liters

Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun Dough

1. Place milk powder in a mixing bowl, rub in the ghee gently to form a sandy texture.
2. Add 100ml of ice cold water and form a batter mixing it with your fingers. Check for consistency, add 20ml more if required.
3. Rest in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.
4. Remove add the soda- bi- carbonate and mix it in with your fingers. Add the flour and form a soft dough. (Be careful not to work the dough as it will increase the gluten. you want the jamuns to be soft)
5. Dust a tray with flour or place a parchment and make small balls 15-20 grams each and arrange them on the tray.

Sugar Syrup

1. In a sauce pan water to boil, add the sugar and allow to melt and simmer for 10 minutes. Switch off the flame.

1. Heat oil over slow to medium flame (140-150C)this is quite essential as the jamuns have to cook trough.
2. Drop one jamun and check for coloring. Reduce flame if coloring quickly.
3. Keep a small tray layered with paper towel to keep your slotted spoon.
4. Drop the jamuns 8-10 pieces at a time and gently swirl the oil for them to float.
5. Fry them until golden 6-7 minutes approx. Remove and soak them in the warm sugar syrup.
6. Once all the jamuns are fried and soaked, flavor them with cardamom powder and rose water and give gentle stir to mix.
7. Serve warm or store them in a air tight container in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

 Gulab Jamun


Jamuns are notorious for hardening sometimes and the best Jamun are soft and delicate on the palate. Pls do not reduce the amt of cold water when mixing the dough or the level of baking soda, your jamuns may get a lil dense otherwise – in which case, you just need to steam it in your pressure cooker a coupla minutes and you are good to go.

Also make sure to massage the ghee into the milk powder.

These are festive sweets and hey, it’s Christmas, the season calls for celebration!

Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by…

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