Reality Bites

29 Sep


Couldn’t bring myself to do the weekly post I wanted to…a close acquaintance’s young son passed away..kept my Coconut cookies on hold, realise you just can’t bring yourself to bake or cook something special when a loved one is lost…it would never have the intended flavor, nor taste of any sort…what you are at the time will reflect your cooking…

Do not want to relive or blog about the incident or the things thereafter, they are not happy memories anyway. And am relieved those moments are going past.

Death — one of life’s realities — it comes to everyone and yet, we forget its existence until its very late…

Just set me thinking..Man is so helpless, left to himself. All those ‘Believe in Yourself’ kinda songs…do they really make sense? Or do they just make up for poignant lines in lyrics that tickles your senses? Where can you draw your energy from if you are mentally distraught? How can you even think straight if you were to have a nasty head ache? More and more I realise, we need the company of loved ones, we need to smile and see smiles more often and need to spend time more wisely…How much time do we have anyway?

Each day now teaches me to be more sensitive…to other people, their requirements – In words, in conduct, in everything…for which I need wisdom that far exceeds normal human intelligence. Each day teaches me to take nothing in life for granted…relationships, esp those within the close circle..sometimes it is a quiet mom who is an easy target to just throw pent up frustrations on …or a friend, brother or sister who you know won’t react. So easy to snap at, so easy to turn around and give a sharp repartee to, so easy to ignore and override..So easy to forget that old adage…that we would reap, and only reap, what we sow…one of life’s starkest realities.

Thank God am realising now and making those necessary changes..’coz all these small (are they small?) things will matter toward the end…when its time to go, these are some of the things that will matter the most..and it is good to keep a straight record, always – for my own sake.

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One response to “Reality Bites

  1. Gwendline Burchett

    October 22, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    it made me realise something important too.. thanks for this.. 🙂


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