Naming the Blog

11 Sep

Yes, this is my first posting on my blog.

Have been toying with the idea for over 4 years now — a Food and Life blog, to be more precise. It just had to be right timing…didn’t know the wait for the title would take me soo long, smile. I just wanted that to happen and not to make it happen.

I’ve always been big on flavors, thanks to my precious grandmother, who like a lot of loving grandmothers, was one havoc cook. My taste buds got its direction from her… So i knew it had to be something about Flavor…what’s life without Flavor anyway?

And then I began reading bread maestro Peter Reinhart’s ‘Artisan Breads Every day’ and fell in love with some of the things he wrote…he said, ” In the end, the flavor rule (flavor rules!) will reveal if it works or not.” And it instantly struck a chord — yes, this was my title — could totally resonate with it…and then, when I made some of his formulas, I decided, this was it!

Haven’t you thought about it..? A Cashew nut is so different from a Walnut, a Mango so different from an Apple, Wheat so different from Rice…and all this for us to enjoy — so that you and I could sample all of these spectacular joys…and smile.

Life is so rich—when you have the right flavors.

See you soon, thanks for stopping by.


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2 responses to “Naming the Blog

  1. shinoj

    December 7, 2012 at 10:43 am

    excellent job shinoj


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